Condo/ Hotel - Condotel Greater Fort Lauderdale

If you are an out of Town investor or a short time second home owner a Condo/ Hotel - Condotel Greater Fort Lauderdale would be a great option to consider.

In a Condotel, you own the unit and most likely need to enter into a contractual obligation with the Properties Hotel operator/ management. You may have use of your unit for certain times during the year with black out day's, but every Condotel operates different and owner occupation allowance can vary. In return, the Hotel operator will rent out your unit as a "hotel" during the remaining time of the year to traveling guests. 

Condo/ Hotel - Condotel Greater Fort Lauderdale



A Condotel can be a great alternate option for absentee owners wanting a second home or vacation home in Ft. Lauderdale Beach, without the hassle of renting out spaces on their own.

If interested in a Condo-Hotel you should review follow documents before making any commitments. 

- The Condotel Allocation Budget

- The Condotel quarterly ledger

- The Condotels Financial Ledger and 

- The Sellers Property Disclosure


To receive more and in detail information to make an educated decision about choices of Condo/ Hotel - Condotel in Greater Fort Lauderdale Beach call / text or email. We are happy and here to help.

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