What Is A HomePath® Home?

HomePath® homes are foreclosed homes owned by Fannie Mae. Buying homes from Fannie Mae is a unique opportunity for home buyers in regards of cost and financing.

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Homes offered through the HomePath® program can be financed through the special HomePath® financing program by Fannie Mae.  The down payment requirements on Fannie Mae homes are at least at 5% (as of November 16, 2013). If you don't have your own savings for the down payment the program allows you to have the funds sponsored through a gift, a grant, or a loan from nonprofit organizations, state or local government or your employer.

The offered mortgage terms on HomePath® financing are flexible and are offered as fixed rate, adjustable rate or as interest only mortgages. 

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Fannie Mae homes are already appraised by Fannie Mae and brought on the market close to market value. Before you ask - "NO" you will not see or receive the appraisal from Fannie Mae at any given time. But if you finance with a HomePath® approved lender you will not be required to have an appraisal done and that is a huge saving for you. 

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The huge difference between FHA financing or a HomePath® financing is the Mortgage Insurance requirements. While FHA requires from borrowers Mortgage Insurance HomePath® will not. This can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars up front and over the lifetime of your loan.

HomePath® Homes can be bought cash, through conventional financing or through special HomePath® financing through different loan programs for owner occupants and investors. 

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To buy a home through Fannie Mae HomePath® program you need to work with an agent who is registered and approved by Fannie Mae. Annett T. Block and Florida Connects are a Fannie Mae approved and registered agents and can assist you in your home purchase.


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What Is A HomePath Home?

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